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Welcome!  I am so glad you are here. My name is Magaly Abbott and I am a portrait photographer located in Dallas. My speciality is newborn and maternity photography,

Hello and welcome to my website!! My name is Magaly Abbott and I am a portrait photographer located in Dallas. My speciality is newborn and maternity photography, but I enjoy photographing toddlers and families as well.
I started my journey as a Wedding Photographer and absolutely loved it, and then one day I had the opportunity to photograph a newborn session and I fell completely head over heels in LOVE! I felt like I had my “a-ha” moment and I haven’t turned back since.  I've been married since 2008 and we have 3 amazing children who keep us on our toes.

There is nothing more beautiful than the miracle of life itself. From the moments when you feel your baby kick for the first time until you finally get to hold him/her in your arms. I want nothing more than to make sure you always remember these moments by creating beautiful images for you and your family to cherish for years to come. Children grow quickly and life moves faster than we'd like. Having photos to look back on will never be something you'll regret.  I can't wait to meet you and your family!  

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Every client's needs are different and many times I can customize a package to fit your specific needs and budget.  Please fill out the contact form to give me a little information about your needs and budget and I can give you some options.  


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On location or studio portraits starting at $500. 

portraits $500

on location or studio portraits starting at $400. 

Newborn $600

on location or studio starting at $600. Customizable packages available. We offer Belly to Baby and Baby's First Year packages.  

maternity $400

Having your photo taken can sometimes feel overwhelming!  What do you wear?  How do you prepare? When is the best time take your photos?  I know you probably have a ton of questions.  Everything you need to know about your upcoming session is here so that it takes the guesswork out of having a successful photo session! 

When do I schedule my session?
It’s never to early to start booking your belly to baby session. Most clients call me as soon as they find out their due dates so that we make sure to schedule their maternity and newborn sessions right away. I know that sometimes that baby’s have a timeline of their own so newborn dates can be flexible but it helps to know due dates in advance so that we can plan as best as we can. I will always do my best to fit in those last minute bookings though! I prefer to photograph little ones around 5-7 days old. Babies older than two weeks of age tend to sleep less soundly and do not curl up as easily. 

You want your birth documented? I can do that as well. Call me and we can chat about all the exciting events that are about to unfold. Congrats and thank you for considering me to photograph your special memories.

Where will my session be located? Newborn sessions take place in my home studio where the light is consistent and all the props are close at hand. However, for an additional $200, I will come to your home for your session. I set up in an area of your home that provides beautiful natural light. Because I rely on natural light in your home, your session will be rescheduled if it is a rainy day.  Maternity and family sessions can either take place in the studio, in your home as a lifestyle session, or on location outdoor.  I have several handpicked outdoor locations to choose from that provide me with the environment and lighting needed to create beautiful photos!

What will take place at my session? During newborns sessions we keep the shoot as relaxed as possible. There will be plenty of time to follow your baby’s cues and get a variety of artistic and sweet photographs of your little one. I love to also get family or siblings involved!  During portrait and family sessions I will guide you through out the whole process. The best way to get beautiful relaxed portraits is to let loose and have fun with it!  Candid photos of families interacting always make for some of my favorite photos! 

What do I need to have prepared for my session?
I have plenty of props for your session but always encourage you to have a couple on items especially if there is anything sentimental or significant to you and your family. I love to capture baby’s soft skin so outfits are not necessary, I just ask that you have your little ones tummy full if at all possible before the beginning of the session.  The best preparation for all sessions are when everyone has eaten and is rested.  Scheduling sessions during normal nap times or skipping meals before sessions is not recommended.  

What to wear? 

Newborns- Nude is best -Pacifier (the one they give you at the hospital) -cute hats, hair bows, a simple onesie, a favorite outfit, baby shoes, family blanket.

For Mom- Flowy neutral tones tops or dresses look great, Simple is best, avoid busy patterns. Wear comfortable pants.

For Dad- Choose complimentary colors to mom. Patterns are ok as long as they compliment mom.  

Maternity-  Denim jeans (maternity jeans or an old pair that you can button down or unzip for photos) -basic tank top , flowy sun dress , don't be afraid to wear tight fitting top or a dress to show off that belly.  Avoid a lot of patterns as this will distract from your baby bump.  You can also bring props i.e. blocks that spell baby’s name , sonogram photos(s) -baby shoes , or any special items you would like to be photographed with.

Info about First Year Sessions: We will book these according to your baby’s milestones.

The 6 month photoshoot- I prefer to book it after they are sitting up. Sometimes that is closer to 7 months. If you prefer to book right at 6 months we can do that! This shoot can be shot in Studio, your home as a lifestyle type session, or on location outdoor.  Bring 2 outfits and your child's favorite toy or blanket!

The ONE year photoshoot- This shoot will be booked a couple of weeks before the baby’s birthday. One of my favorite shots is the Smash cake. That is the last shot since they will have cake everywhere! Bring 2 outfits ( etsy has a ton of ONE year outfits) Other props you can bring are balloons, favorite chair , favorite toy , fun hats , and a small cake or cupcake( you can get a small cake at any grocery store or a cup cake ) This shoot can be shot in Studio, your home, or on location outdoor.

What to expect during your Newborn Session:

During your session You can expect a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I want you to feel at ease and enjoy yourself during our time together. Please expect to take breaks if infants and small children are involved. Infants often need breaks to nurse or feed and just get some love from mom and dad. Toddlers sometimes have meltdowns and don’t want to cooperate. That is okay! This is expected with children of this age and this is the norm with sessions with small children. With small children it is a good idea to bring their favorite snack and/or toy(s). Sometimes the best shots are of your child being natural and playing with mom, dad or siblings. They also come in handy if your toddler has a meltdown and just needs a break to play and let the mood pass. With newborns you might want to have a change of clothing as it is almost impossible to avoid accidents such as spit up or getting wet with a naked baby. So, don’t worry, this too is expected and I will have several blankets on hand for infant sessions to swap in/out. Make sure to bring the wet wipes and diapers. Newborn sessions typically last 2 hours, so please plan accordingly. The studio is kept at a balmy 80 degrees to keep baby nice and warm while in their birthday suit. Parents, I suggest dressing in layers if it is a cool day so you can peel away the layers if you get warm. If parents and/or siblings would like to participate in the newborn session, we will get those photos taken care of first, so please let me know if you plan on participating.

If you have any other questions at all please feel free to shoot me an email!  

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